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Nuance AutoStore Document & Data Capture Solution

Paper, electronic and mobile data capture

AutoStore is an award-winning solution that orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications from a wide range of points of capture.

Features Include:

  • Secure & streamlined workflow
  • Flexible capture
  • Forms processing
  • Mobile solutions

See what AutoStore can do for you

Get an idea of workflow efficiencies possible with AutoStore.

Flexible Capture

Easy Processing

  • Linear and 2D Barcode Recognition
  • PDF Conversion & Optimization
  • Bates Stamping
  • Watermark
  • Image Enhancement
  • Authentication & Encryption

Simple Routing

Flexible Capture

  • Solutions that fit your workflow.
  • Not all data capture workflows are the same.
  • AutoStore fits the way you work with paper and electronic documents.

Paper Capture

AutoStore is the only scanning or document capture workflow solution that offers a breadth of support for multifunction, single function, network, and desktop scanning equipment.

Electronic Capture

Not every document arrives on paper. A fact your data capture solution must recognize. AutoStore captures all documents.

Initiate workflows with AutoCapture

Intelligent document workflows are just a click away. Whether you’re working in Microsoft Office, or another business application all you have to do is is right click on a file and select a workflow.

Webcapture, your zero footprint gateway to electronic desktop document capture

Capture and index electronic documents right from a Web browser. No desktop software installation required.

AutoStore QuickCapture for desktop scanners

Easily capture, index and route documents scanned with Windows TWAIN desktop scanners to AutoStore server workflows.

Supports over 700 MFPs and network scanners!

Forms Processing

Faster form processing with fewer errors

AutoStore OpenForms 360

Structured, semi-structured or unstructured – large or small jobs – single items or big batches, OpenForms 360 integrates electronic and paper form processing into your AutoStore workflow, saving you time and work. Documents are captured, indexed and archived all while writing data into databases.

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