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Operating a small to medium sized business often means conserving resources and finding ways to “do more” with less funding – while at the same time needing to access the most effective IT solutions and present a professional image. In today’s technology-driven market, small businesses can’t afford to run without the benefits of available technologies. AOT provides enterprise grade services and solutions that are affordable for small and medium sized businesses. If you’re a small to medium business owner, you’re familiar with the importance of leveraging technology and leveraging efficient IT systems – and you’re also probably all too aware of what happens when those systems fail. From losing data, to networking issues, to hardware failures, IT problems can keep you from focusing your business and daily operations.

If you own or operate a small business, AOT can help you keep your business costs to a minimum while maximizing your IT and workflow efficiency to ensure business productivity. We can support your business goals by providing tailored, integrated, end-to-end IT services and document management services that provide measurable to increase the value of your organization and add dollars to your bottom line.

AOT leverages industry best practices, standards, and innovations to enable and optimize the full life cycle of your small business IT environment. Our small business IT consulting and combination of professional services and hardware and software solutions make AOT the ideal partner to address your small business technology challenges, whether you need to improve the experience of your end users, reduce time-to-market, support a scalable environment, ensure availability, or introduce new applications to meet changing business goals. Implemented by certified and experienced professionals, AOT’s customized IT solutions for small to medium businesses are flexible and adaptable. Through our robust framework of best practices, we bring together a variety of industry standards, including ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), for delivery of superior corporate IT services.

At AOT, we understand that each business is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of services and pricing strategies to fit your individual needs. We want to see your business succeed and we want to help you make that happen.