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As today’s healthcare industry is experiencing some of its greatest challenges, it is more important than ever for healthcare professionals to partner with service providers who understand those challenges and can leverage the right opportunities.

AOT has built its reputation by providing medical practitioners with the healthcare information technology tools, expertise and resources to deliver the best care and experience for patients, doctors, clinicians, administrators and the community.

AOT’s Healthcare technology offerings extends from workflow consulting to healthcare specific solutions and healthcare document management. Whether your healthcare technology needs exist in your office or in the cloud, our healthcare document management solutions will be customized to meet your specific needs. Our AOT Technology Specialists work closely with you to:

  • Enable access to critical patient information
  • Improve performance of the EHR systems
  • Stabilize the infrastructure by restoring the ability to print and scan
  • Minimize exposure to HIPAA violations
  • Keep mission-critical applications running reliably and smoothly


AOT’s healthcare document management services and workflow consulting will give you the power to leverage your technology investment into increased productivity and a higher bottom line.