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For today’s educators, technology isn’t a luxury – it’s a fundamental necessity. Unfortunately, as technology demands continue to rise, educational budgets are shrinking. At AOT, we understand the importance of delivering cutting-edge technology while ensuring security and stability and complying with education industry regulations. We know how crucial it is to provide an open, accessible, and collaborative academic environment while protecting mission-critical data such as curriculum plans, student records, and policies and procedures from the threat of data breaches and other potential IT disasters. And we understand the importance of doing this affordably.

AOT partners with educational institutions at all levels, from colleges and universities to public K-12 school districts and educational administrative offices. Our innovative education IT services and education document technology solutions are improving the learning experience of students while optimizing resource management for teachers and education administrators.

AOT is your end-to-end education IT solution provider. Our flexible and scalable solutions are built to solve the challenges unique to the educational environment. Our team will work closely with you to assess your needs to develop a plan to fit your specific situation, whatever the size and scope of your project or educational institution. Benefits of partnering with AOT include:

  • Educator efficiency, enabling teachers and staff to collaborate and increase effectiveness in delivering student services
  • Enhanced student performance, leveraging next-generation learning tools methods
  • Automated operational and administrative agility, improving processes for faster and easier operations
  • Distance learning, providing reliable, remote access that increases the availability of educational tools and services
  • Cost-effective, high quality on-site color printing

AOT is transforming teaching and learning in the digital age. Let us help keep your institution from being left behind.