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As a licensed financial institution, you are legally obligated to comply with a wide range of rules, standards and operating procedures relating to the privacy and security of your clients’ information. This means that your information technology, your IT services and your IT processes must be designed, maintained and documented to ensure full, uninterrupted compliance – 24/7 x 365.

AOT’s Bank Tech division can help you fulfill your information technology related responsibilities and requirements. Partnering with AOT assures that you maintain the integrity of your clients’ critical financial and investment information. Our solutions range from banking IT services to finance IT consulting to financial document management. Our managed services provide a proven IT solution built around leading-edge endpoint security, powerful compliance reporting, and comprehensive remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure. Together, all of these elements ensure that you have a structured, well-defined and complete IT solution for data protection, network security and compliance. We guarantee system deployment, monitoring and management that follow industry best practices in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Benefits of partnering with Bank Tech include:

  • Confidentiality and integrity of client financial information, ensuring data is properly secure and maintained
  • Firewall incident notifications and reporting
  • Patch Management services and reporting
  • User policy management, ensuring only authorized access to critical information and services
  • Secure, effective support of remote locations utilizing enhanced security access and firewall protection
  • Continuous financial IT consulting to ensure your requirements are being met.

Our Bank Tech specialists customize service and support to fit your institution’s individual needs and requirements and provide the results that you deserve. From enhanced monitoring practices to full preventative maintenance we can manage your systems from top to bottom and end-to-end.